A Leap

We grow in the just right uncomfortableness, yet when we feel safe enough, which is unique to all of us. Some people’s learning zone is actually doing less, and that makes them uncomfortable, some people’s learning zone, is trusting their next step in action that makes them tremble. All learning is equal yet what we are learning is very unique to each individual. Fine tuning our listening to inner guidance is Key. We learn this in the practice of mindfulness and unlearning unconscious thought patterns.
“Growth is uncomfortable because you’ve never been here before, you’ve never been this version of you, so give yourself a little grace and breathe through it.” ~Kristen Lhor

On this site, I want to honor and remember a leap of faith I took that brought me into friendships and community I’ll never forget, and brought me closer to Trust in my Creator, was proof that I can trust that still quiet Voice inside, that is our Soul. And so can you!

Below is a video from the first yoga studio I opened, And in perfect timing, closed (everything that begins in time, ends in time, and Love and friendship is forever even as forms change). The friendships that came into my life, the learnings and growth that came from a leap of faith close to 7 years ago now, will always be Alive in my heart.

This also gives one a perspective and experience of what mindfulness is and what heated Vinyasa class is (which is just one style of yoga, I now do not teach heated Vinyasa as much, although I still love and enjoy it)