Clarity Breath-Work Package


“The frequency of the miraculous is a constant flow of loving energy through all the cells of the body with us as us in every breath” ~ Dana ~Dharma Devi

Package of ten transformational Clarity Breathwork sessions and education


This includes ten 2 hour zoom calls (or in person) scheduled at your convenience (preferably once per week or twice per month) : each call will include 1 hour of Breathwork.

Making a choice to commit to this series represents a deeper commitment to your evolution, growth, and healing as well as your greater contribution to the planet.

In our work together you have the opportunity to shift many areas of your life. It will be important to set clear intentions for yourself at the beginning of this journey. When setting your desire and intentions, I will support you in coming from a place of gratitude for what you already have and focusing on what you would like to expand in your life. Learning to express what you want is a vital step in Love supporting you in the creation coming through you.

We will go through an intake form where I will learn more about you, what you want me to know about your history, from birth story, to family dynamics to relationships to health issues. Anything you feel and want to share. We will together look at ways of unlocking limiting core beliefs about life, self and creation.  Once bringing awareness to what’s blocking us we can begin to allow more Flow, Abundance, Joy, Connection, Manifestation to come through in the ways that you desire it the most. Life is here to support us in what our heart’s deepest desires are and its vital to have the littlest bit of willingness to allow what’s limiting us to be removed.

We will look at the Science of how the Subconscious/ Unconscious Mind works and once this is understood we can allow new perceptions and insights to come. Breathwork allows us to access our subconscious minds, giving us the ability to transform our thoughts and change our lives. Energy flows where the mind goes. Without some way of transforming yourself, your old patterns, behaviors and results repeat themselves and become more and more unsatisfying.

I would love to support you in this profound and inspiring modality. Its been transformational in my own life and I enjoy sharing its gift’s with others. Let me know if you have any questions.

*Benefits of Clarity Breathwork
  • reduces stress and increases energy, aliveness and sense of well-being
  • Releases toxins from the cells of the body- 70 percent of toxins are released through the breath itself, so when you breathe more you release more!
  • allows old emotions, memories, and past traumas to arise and release in a safe gentle way.-Accesses and may help transform the source of disease by understanding the underlying thoughts, emotions, and belief systems that may have contributed to the dis-ease.
  • unravels relationship/intimacy issues and supports one to embrace and heal old wounds of abandonment, loss and rejection.
  • helps one to attract new relationship based on who one is now.
  • increases flow, joy, ease, and pleasure in life and relationships.
  • accesses expanded states of consciousness, including higher guidance, and clarity about one’s life path and purpose.
  • supports the release of limiting thoughts, patterns, and imprints from birth, childhood and past lives.
  • enhances creativity and expression.
  • heals the wound of your imagined separation.
  • increases one’s experience of inner peace and surrender.
  • allows a feeling of being connected to, and caring for yourself, the earth and all beings.
  • transcends the mind and emotions and supports the awakening of the truth of who you are.
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