Classes & Fees

1-1 session, or group sessions available.

Lauren also offers donation-based classes and no one is turned away because of their inability to donate.

If you are honestly wanting to start a practice whether it be 1-1 session, or are wanting to create a group class, we will work together on what honestly feels fair and aligned with your guidance and mine as we make an agreement together for each session or group class.

Vinyasa Yoga

Lauren will guide you through a yoga session tailored to your desire. Vinyasa flow is what she regularly offers (with or without heat) and she just as easily can create a session of slow yin yoga with more breathwork incorporated in.

$75 for 75 min
$60 for 60 min
She loves beginners!

Lauren teaches weekly classes at Santa Fe Community Yoga ($12 per class) click here to see their schedule.

RYT 500 hrs with Yoga Alliance

Vinyasa Yoga

Naked Yoga sessions

Guidelines are read and agreed to before the session begins.

Naked yoga is an ancient spiritual practice that empowered Lauren in her own journey so she loves to offer this practice with others that have a clear intention.

Naked yoga is a way of taking a collective journey through fear into self-discovery, empowerment, and compassion.

It’s a body-positive, desexualized space in which we come back home to ourselves, our body, our most natural way of being.

(Only available in person, not available through zoom)

$75 for 75 min
$60 for 60 min

Naked Yoga sessions

Breathwork and Inquiry

Breath work is a vital tool because it is one of the most clearly effective methods to access and transform limitation in the subconscious mind and emotional body. Breathwork, can help release tension in the body and can open a doorway to expanded states of consciousness.

Two forms of breathwork inform my work. Clarity breath and Love’s breath.  Both are gentle, safe and extremely powerful breathing processes that release stress from the cells of the body and help transform limiting thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

Breathwork is sacred because it’s the opportunity to bring focused attention to your connection with the Divine Source within you. The Breath that breathes you, and bridges you to Source.
Breathwork takes you beyond the mind and beyond the illusion of separation.

$60 for 1 hour of breathwork

$75 for 75 minutes – this includes the client sharing what’s arising for them in life, and together bringing curiosity, inquiry and if needed coaching around limiting core beliefs + breathwork

$100 for 2 hours – a longer session of the client sharing what’s arising for them in life, and together bringing curiosity, inquiry and if needed coaching around limiting core beliefs + breathwork

Loves breath is a conscious active belly breathing meditation that can help release tension in the body and can open a doorway to expanded states of consciousness. This practice can help us feel more connection to self and others, can be Heart opening and bring more aliveness in the body.

Embodiment Practice

Embodiment Practice-

These educational practices can help one feel more at home in their body, invigorated, and feel more freedom and aliveness through reclaiming oneself.

With a background in somatic sex education through the Somatic Sex Institute, Taoist breast massage, Genital Dearmouring online course with Rahi Chun and in person Dearmouring course in September, yoga, and breathwork, Lauren hears the desire of the client and meets that desire through offering an embodiment practice tailored to you.

I do not touch clients in these sessions, I often practice with you as I guide the practice to help ease discomfort and bring a sense of encouragement, neutrality, and ease. Clothes can be on or off, you can be covered up or not, your choice is celebrated! Why would we do the embodiment practice? In today’s world, many human beings live in the head (stressful thoughts, a fast-paced life) and are disconnected from our bodies. Science shares how the body stores trauma, and through bringing awareness, gentle curiosity and education in supportive spaces, the body/self can feel safe enough to allows its release and integration.

Many of us never consciously learned about our own anatomy. As we cultivate spending time with ourselves in a loving gentle, conscious way many feel it also shifts the way we experience our everyday life.

These educational practices are available in person or through zoom.

Mindful anatomy practice-

The intention is to educate one on genital anatomy, sometimes called self genital mapping; heart and base of the body connection, and feeling sensuality. From waist down is covered up in this practice.

heart and base of the body connection

Mindful Self Pleasure Practice as a meditation coaching

Find out more about this offering here:

Our meetings will be based around breath work/inquiry and include the mindfulness tools of Self Pleasure mapping, genital mapping, and education on body. Mindfulness tools will be given to unwind guilt/shame/habitual patterns and allow body to come back to neutrality, and enjoyment! Conscious Self pleasure practice homework will be given to explore oneself in new ways in innocence, curiosity and wonder!

$60 for 60 min
$75 for 75 min


Taoist breast massage and base of the body integration-

Through breath awareness, anatomy, and bringing mindfulness awareness to feeling, many women experience bliss, emotional release, and more aliveness. Science actually shares that breast massage helps to regulate the nervous system, brings oxytocin to the brain which is a natural anti-depressant, drains lymph nodes, increases sensation and pleasurability, and increases creative energy. Some women are just very happy to be reacquainted with their bodies after years of ignoring the body or experiencing hatred of the body.

In embodiment practices, I don’t offer touch, although I do practice with you. As Dr. Joseph Kramer shares often we took on shame in a group context so it’s in a group context or with another person in a safe enough space that shame can fall away. It’s the power of being witnessed in our naturalness and feeling safe enough to allow the experience and expression of pleasure and freedom with oneself.

It’s learning and being celebrated for choice and voice and expression! It’s remembering your innocence.

60 min for  $60
75 min for $75
(Or donation that feels right for you)

Taoist breast massage

Way of Mastery sessions

You can read more about this offering under the section listed “The Work

For Way of Mastery I am guided to join with those desiring to truly dive into the depth of the Way in 1:1 sessions,  who are committed to them Self and unfolding in Love through this pathway and through the tools Jeshua gives us.

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