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Want to join with a friend?

My deepest joy is joining with friends newer to the Christ Mind path through Way of Mastery.

I had coaching along the Way through teacher trainings, and courses, and with mentors through Living the Way the last eleven years and I have also guided many others newer to inquiry, mindfulness and breath-work.

Let’s be honest, it can feel bumpy and nerve wracking at times when everything I thought I knew was coming up for question. Having loving support (as you Walk the Way through the texts) that holds you accountable to continue forward can save time and in all honesty felt necessary for myself.

I am now continuing my own education in Clarity breath-work and continue to have mentors myself. What’s true for myself is we can never stop unlearning/learning.

Yes we can dive into the Work and put it into practice, in our own life, and joining with another in 1:1 sessions who a have been walking the Way and continue to, can feel supportive and can make the journey not feel so alone at times. Jeshua shares with us relationships are the means to our salvation.

If you are a student of the Way and want to join weekly as you move through the text

I join with ppl for a two fold process:
First part – they share what’s up for them, and I listen, we join in Presence, and allow Love to reveal our time together. Which can include, inquiry, somatic work, embodiment practice, questioning limiting core beliefs, coaching in learning to hear Wisdom from a Voice not ones own. When the mind is running ninety to nothing, it can be supportive to have coaching in how to slow down to hear. (Especially in the beginning)

Second part- breath work and integrating the insights that were revealed together into the breath session. Breathwork allows us to access our subconscious minds, giving us the ability to transform our thoughts and change our lives. Energy flows where the mind goes.