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About Lauren

Welcome to Wisdom of breath!

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Wisdom of Breath provides 1-1 or group yoga classes, naked yoga classes, embodiment sessions, and/or an opportunity to meet with friends on a spiritual pathway of Self-discovery.

Tired of living in anxiety?

Sick of hating yourself?

Tired of self judgment?

Fed up with feeling shame about yourself and your body?

Ready to open to self-kindness, compassion, and healing?

Want mindfulness tools, that when put into practice have been proven to be life-changing?

Lauren offers you the opportunity to do this through different practices, see what speaks to you and join her!

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Over the last twelve years, Lauren has taught and learned with thousands of people throughout Alabama, Boston,  Africa, and now is here in Sante Fe. She offers yoga and embodiment practice with a focus on inquiry, spirituality, and sexuality.


She had a nervous stomach from the time she was just 4 which later resulted in panic attacks. She lived in anxiety for years. When she found yoga, she found relief. As she discovered spirituality, she finally fully relaxed. As she continued learning through somatic sex education and Taoist embodiment practice, she truly realized freedom, joy, and the bliss of embodied living!

Lauren leads Women’s embodiment retreats and has assisted in yoga training in Texas, New York, Rhode Island, Florida, and Africa. She taught yoga and mindfulness to the University of Alabama swim team, Wounded Warriors, women in prison, kindergarteners, and teenagers in alternative schools. She’s owned yoga studios and leads naked yoga classes in Boston with Naked in Motion LLC.

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Lauren loves sharing the practices and the tools that in her experience help bring one Home to themselves, their own guidance, freedom from self-created anxiety, and the gift of feeling the aliveness of living from the Heart. Where we feel carried by a Power greater than ourselves. Where you live in and from flow, a grace stream.

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It takes commitment to yourself and inner work, and she’s ready to meet you here if you are ready!

Lauren knows from her own direct experience, that by doing the work within oneself all relationships shift and become effortlessly honest, truthfully aligned, and joyful! She’s a published writer for elephant journal on conscious relationships, and communication and also writes about unlearning religion and dogmatic systems.

Her degree is in Communications Studies from Huntington College.

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She is a student and teacher of Way of Mastery, a path that corrects the mind, heals the heart, and awakens the soul.

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