“Power of Christ”

A Way of Mastery inspired retreat

February 2-8 2023

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Allowing the blocks to Love’s Presence to dissolve ~ with Friends of the Heart in the beautiful sunlit hills of Santa Fe 

A Way of Mastery inspired retreat February 2023

Grounded in the Living Practices of Loves Breath and Radical Inquiry, and supported by Somatic Embodiment Practices, we will co-create opportunities throughout our time together, to allow fear to be dissolved by the Light of our awareness; as Jeshua says, “All healing is the release of fear.”

So much of the world militates against creative energy and aliveness, judging the naturalness of the human body. As Jeshua shares with us, “What seems sane to the world is wholly insane to the Mind of Christ and all beliefs of the world are diametrically opposed to the Truth of the Kingdom. “ Human beings can become numb, fearful, frozen, and live in shame. Imagine being together, held in an environment, where we can get uncomfortable but not feel unsafe, generating opportunities that call us a little deeper and that may excite us. Where we are learning new things about ourselves and life! We deserve the joy we are capable of!

The empowerment of Self sits at the heart of our creative intention for this retreat.

Through our time together, the Living Practices of Love’s breath and inquiry will be foundational.  These practices offer us a means by which we can learn to hear the ‘Answer’, directly from the Source, for ourselves, that is always available to each of us in every moment. This takes practice to cultivate, through bringing attention away from the thinking brain and back to the breath, we will practice together.

Jeshua also shares with us that we cannot transcend that which has not first been embraced. Offering us the very essence of how to heal from the depth of fear and shame that we have rooted in our bodies and minds. How tempting and easy it is to avoid the embrace of the body as our own creation, on the spiritual journey, and avoid the suppression of fear and shame that is stored in the depths of the mind/body connection.

Surrounded by like-minded friends we will join in this Purpose in the beautiful Sunlit Hills of Santa Fe, with stunning views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, breathtaking sunsets, and gorgeous accommodation.

This retreat will look into the science of shame and how it’s stored in the mind/body connection, often unconscious to us, and offer opportunities to allow this energy to dissolve through our intention, discussions together, somatic opportunities, and optional practices.

This retreat space will be held collectively by the group.

  • Do you want to come together with Friends of the Heart joined in this Purpose?
  • Do you want opportunities to take a collective journey through fear into self-discovery, compassion, and Christed empowerment?
  • Are you desiring to be supported and receive tools for unwinding shame in the mind/body?
  • Do you want to experience the seamless connection of mind, heart, and genitals, where the possibility of experiencing more wholeness, aliveness, and openness is felt and known from the inside out, through every cell, in every breath?
  • Are you ready to feel more confident in speaking your truth, free from fear?

Both Israel and Lauren know from their own experience that everyone’s Wisdom and Direction in life lie within themselves and each soul’s journey of Self-discovery is unique.

This retreat is not about advising, therapizing, or setting each other straight.

We will offer opportunities to reclaim and feel confident in one’s own choice and voice.

Below are some Embodiment practices that will be offered, and each participant, will not only be encouraged but celebrated for attending only the practices that feel aligned for them in their own journey. How freeing it is to be celebrated for trusting yourself and your own Wisdom, even when it’s different than other people’s choices in life.

  • Love’s Breath
  • Inquiry
  • Clothing optional yoga
  • ‘The Wheel of Consent’, by Dr. Betty Martin
  • Mindful embodiment practices that intentionally reconnect mind, heart, and genitals, approached with Awareness, education, and curiosity.
  • A visit to Temple Canyon Sanctuary, sacred land that is in Abiquiu, New Mexico, and a visit to Ojo Caliente, a legendary high desert “healing waters” spa.

Ojo Caliente is one of the countries oldest health spas, tucked between the rugged desert cliffs and cottonwood-lined bosque, a hot springs that welcomes visitors from all over.


Friends, if this resonates, and you feel a nudge to come, let us know! We would love to welcome you into this retreat space, already being held in our shared Heart with intention and Love.

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